Jessica's Scholarship Donation

In Memory of Jessica Garcia

In an ongoing effort to give back to the community, El Chaparral reaches out to various entities every year. The entity we hold closest to heart is the Jessica Garcia Memorial Fund. In memory of Jessica, Carlos and Mary Garcia along with sons Carlos Jr. and Gabe Garcia created this endowment fund to honor Jessica via a scholarship fund at St. Mary’s University.

Jessica was tragically killed in an auto accident in 1996. Her spirit and energy lives on however, through educational empowerment, something she felt strongly about. It is for this reason we created the endowment fund so that another part of her memory lives on forever. Yearly, El Chaparral raises money for the fund and now invites you to do so as well.

By clicking on the link below, you can donate directly to the St. Mary’s University Scholarship fund for Jessica Garcia.

Please make sure to check “SELECT OTHER” and and then type “Jessica Garcia Memorial Fund” when donating.

As always, your contribution makes a difference to those who share Jessica’s passion for education and is tax deductible.